Stack Up Your Game Day Style!

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Stack Up Your Game Day Style

GO TEAM!!! The NFL season is in full swing and we are sad to say that our teams suffered major losses just last week. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that we are not going to be right back at it showing our love and support rocking some team merchandise! We own jerseys, hats, bandannas, towels, sunglasses, you name it is most likely in our wardrobe. However, there is a new jewelry trend that is burning up the gram and sure to be coming to a football game near you. Do you know what it is our fashionably conscious dolls?

We won’t keep you hanging in agony it really just boils down to one word… bracelets. Celebrities from all over are embracing the stackable trend showing that it is a workable style for men and women. We have spotted bicycle link bracelets on TLC’s T-Boz, Makeup Artist Shayla and sexy male model Don Benjamin.

Stack Up Your Game Day Style2

Regardless of where you are from, everyone likes to don their team’s colors on game day or all year round. With IceLink, you possess the ability as well as freedome to stack up a few luxury Bicycle Bracelets for a winning look! No worries if you are not a fan of the major NFL teams, there is a perfect pastel pink for the Powder Puff Girl. The combinations to mix and match your signature stack are endless to cheer on your team!

These pieces are also great for the girl who may not be a football fanatic, but has a boyfriend who lives, breathes and loves all things football related. Show your support of your boy’s team by getting a cute bracelet associated with their team. He’ll love your new support as well as interest and you will look chic doing it!

Stack Up Your Game Day Style

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Stack Up Your Game Day Style6

Why stop at a bracelet, IceLink has fab watches as well that are sure to turn heads to the left and right. See what we mean by going to Icelinkofficial on IG or surfing over to their website.

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