2017 Beauty Trend: Squiggly Brows - Will You Ride This Wave?

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Squiggly Brows

Uhm… what in the brows on fleek is going on? This week a spanking new beauty trend turned the makeup and cosmetics realms right on their respective heads. Literally, no one saw this coming and no one can quite figure out how it began. However, squiggly brows are here and they are taking over social media faster than a lightening strike. Have you seen these wavy eyebrows and are you brave enough to give it a world?

2017 Beauty Trend: Squiggly Brows – Will You Ride This Wave?

Squiggly Brows

This newest eyebrow trend is starting to remind us of a popular candy commercial tagline. First they’re sour and then they’re sweet. When the squiggly brows trend first hit it was immediately taken as, “Issa no for me dawg.” Nevertheless, now thoughts on these brows are starting to be more mixed. Some still are not quite feeling them, while others find them sort of intriguing.

Squiggly Brows

Squiggly Brows are exactly what you think. Instead of arched or slighted rounded shapes, these brows literally look like Richter scale readings. Ups and downs, hills and valleys.

In some ways this look has a very futuristic vibe. Like come 3017, makeup enthusiasts might be referring to these brows as classic and retro chic. However, as a now they feel more like girls got tired of playing with their baby hairs so now they have decided to play with other hair on their face.

Furthermore, in cases like these we always like to see how the masses truly feel about these uniquely bold trends. Here is what people are saying online right now:

“How y’all do this?? Amazing.”

“But why do I actually love them.”

“What is this.”

Squiggly Brows

“Dem brows though.”


“It’s actually really cute!”

“Why is this happening.”

“Do people brush their eyebrows that way??”


“Please tell me these ain’t real.”

“First feather brows and now this.”

“It lowkey looks cute on you.”

Squiggly Brows

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