Spring 2015 Hair Color Trend: Ombre Gray

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Spring 2015 Hair Color Trend Ombre Gray

While some of us are making sacrifices at the hair color bar altar praying gray strands stay faraway from our heads. There are other women who are willingly going gray via dyed hair jobs. You may recall celebrities such as Rihanna getting in on the gray hair revolution. Nevertheless, now things are being stepped up a bit by adding in an ombre effect.

Ombre hair color is where the hair color starts off dark and gradually gets lighter as you move towards the tips or ends of strands. Besides RiRi, actress Dascha Polanco who plays on the hit show Orange is The New Black went gray ombre with purple tips. This hair tint can be extremely rough or harsh on your hair. Therefore, what can you do to protect your hair if you are thinking of going gray?

Going to such extreme colors means that you should take extreme measures to protect your hair. It is recommended that you pre-treat or prep your hair with oils and deep conditioners for about a week before the process. Dying your hair can be quite drying which is why some women end up with a “fried” hair look. Moreover, deep conditioning your locks will be be necessary since your tresses will need to be lifted to a platinum blonde shade in order for the true color to show up.

What if your natural hair color is very dark? For women with natural darker shade of hair keep in mind that going so light will not be a simple walk-in and walk out process. It should be noted that in order to safely dye your hair gray it usually takes two processes.

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