Spotted: Usher Walks Through LAX Airport

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Spotted Usher Walks Through LAX Airport

You don’t have to call…it’s okay girl! Cause I’m gonna be alright tonight! Did you sing along with us (LOL)? If you did you are probably a true Usher Raymond fan. For those of you who probably were not even alive when that song was created you most likely ARE aware that Usher is the man behind another huge musical act… Justin Bieber.

Spotted Usher Walks Through LAX Airport2

Well, the music mogul himself was seen arriving at LAX airport and was in a great mood. Usher posed and smiled for the cameras and looked handsome doing it. Usher’s style has always set him apart and he walked through the airport in cuffed denim, minimal accessories and of course a black top to show off those guns son! We loved the look and he clearly demonstrates that chic still can be comfortable when traveling.