Spotted: Naomi Campbell in Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps

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Mama is showing us all how it is done yet again! We spotted the glamorous Naomi Campbell jetting around the streets of New York. Her chic street style look instantly grabbed the attention of anyone with a bird’s eye view. We loved the stunning model’s head-to toe look and we instantly fell in love with her sexy heels! Any woman who can confidently rock a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps is a grade A fashionista!

Naomi Campbell in Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps

White coat and gasp, shoes that are not completely closed in during winter?! Yes, dolls there is no need to completely retire certain styles of shoes as the seasons change. As Campbell clearly demonstrates with her Giuseppe Zanotti pumps, open heels can work and look amazing with “winter-y” ensembles. There are no rules in fashions. So then, experiment and allow your own personal style to flourish!


Nevertheless, Giuseppe Zanotti pumps are a favorite among celebrity starlets. Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Beyonce have given their feet the Zanotti treatment. Why wear Giuseppe Zanotti? It’s his mindset and artistry that truly sets him apart. However, don’t  just take our word for it. Here are a few direct quotes from the genius himself:

“I’m like a psychologist, I can discover the panther inside a woman and then, boosh! I can give her power!”

“If you want to create unique designs, you need to stay true to your own aesthetic.”

“You cannot design shoes if you only think about the fashion; its too realistic. When I design, I dream.”

Let them know Giuseppe! Moreover, he definitely succeeded in bringing out the panther in Naomi Campbell because she looks fierce in her black Giuseppe Zanotti pumps!

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