Spotted: Mel B. Gives Fans a Selfie!

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Spotted Mel B. Gives Fans a Selfie3

Singer Mel B. was spotted this week in New York City in order to handle some business at Sirius XM Radio. The America’s Got Talent judge was literally mobbed by fans as she attempted to walk the streets. Nevertheless, Mel B. was very gracious and smiled for the cameras as well as showed her fans much love.

For instance, two very tall fans even nabbed themselves a selfie with the gorgeous Mel and we are sure they were rewarded with numerous likes on the Gram. Besides, her chic pulled back hair Mel B. looked fantastic in a black form-fitting top, strappy black heels and a white mesh skirt. The skirt is a nice peek-a-boo reveal for the girl who wants to show some skin modestly.

Spotted Mel B. Gives Fans a Selfie

Mel B. and Fans Doing it for the Gram!

Beauty Notes: If you are trying to find a color for your pedicure try matching your nails to a color of your ensemble. You will notice that your toe look will pop yet blend seamlessly with your outfit.

Spotted Mel B. Gives Fans a Selfie2