Spotted: Beyonce and Destiny's Child Reunites

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Spotted: Beyonce and Destiny's Child Reunites

All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me! Things were Jumpin Jumpin (okay we’ll stop LOL) this past weekend as a huge reunion occured in music. Destiny’s Child reunited in order to celebrate a plus one for Kelly Rowland. Believe it or not the youthful songstress turned 35 years of age. Former Destiny’s Child members Beyonce and Michelle Williams were in attendance for Kelly’s party.

It looked like old times as Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle posed for a photo that immediately took social media by storm. Unfortunately, the reunion wasn’t news of an album but the photo was still pretty epic. One commenter on Instagram summed up the reunion well by stating:

“Yasssssss! Love Destiny’s Child, I really love seeing [you] all together. It’s great that [you] ladies still support each other. DC!!!!”

Spotted: Beyonce and Destiny's Child Reunites2

Out of the mouth of fans comes much truth. It was nice seeing the successful trio back together and hope it won’t be the last. Looking great DC and Kelly we pray that we will slay like you at 35!

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