Sony Contact Lenses That Can Play Back Video and Record

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We think we can speak for everyone around the world when we say that we are all still upset that we don’t have real hoverboards. Heck, we thought we would all be flying around in high-end cars with our Chanel bags in the passenger by now. It just has not panned out. The ‘tomorrow-land ‘ we were all promised in a plethora of films and television shows seems to still be outside our grasp. Nevertheless, tech still is advancing. Companies are still clamoring to push boundaries and create that one product that screams “the future.” The good people over at Sony may be on to something. Right now they are developing Sony Contact Lenses That Can Play Back Video and Record.

Sony Contact Lenses That Can Play Back Video and Record

Not going to lie, it kind of makes our eyes hurt just thinking about it. However, we won’t focus on that because a camera in the eyeball has us on some Mission Impossible feels right now. Have you seen those movies? In the Mission Impossible films they went from using regular eyeglasses to relay images to just contact lenses in Rogue Nation. We are not sure if that is where the genesis of the idea came from but at least we understand what Sony is after.

Nevertheless, Sony isn’t going for a James Bond spy experience for its users. They want future wearers to enhance their regular day to day experiences. For instance, Serena Williams just got engaged. Imagine if both her and Alexis Ohanian had been wearing SONY contact lenses thus broadcasting that intimate moment live. Two feeds from two different perspectives that can be shared instantaneously.

This type of tech would completely blow up the social media spot. Snapchat and Instagram stories are already fan favorites. The secret is out, people love being little broadcast video producers of their personal lives. There’s no moment too small or too big that is not worth being shared. Moreover, when you tack on advanced tech the sharing element will only become easier.


Sony Contact Lenses That Can Play Back Video and Record- How Does It Work

With a regular camera the process is simple. Just point and click. Even two year olds now days can operate a smartphone cam with precision. Will the Sony contact lenses have the same ease?

As of now that is how it is looking. The contact lenses will have the capability to focus, control exposure as well as zoom in if necessary. Focusing on an image will be as simple as blinking. There’s still a lot of development left before these babies will be available and hit the market. However, we can see the money making potential.

The only down fall could be if the wait is excessively long. People may continue to wait anxiously for a Hoverboard but it doesn’t mean they will hold the same excitement for other tech. Case in point, this whole VR trend. In the 90s millions were ready for home use VR products. Every kid was sick of having to head to a mall to enjoy it. Fast forward to now and its now made possible thanks our cellies and a box on our head.

Projections for the sales of the Playstation VR was through the roof initially. The brand thought for the 2016 year they would rake in sales for at least 2.6 million units. Yet, after a figure update the firm drastically decreased their numbers. Playstation VR expected sales are now said to be less than 750,000 units. What was the problem? Simply put, time. An old idea that was great when it first came out, was revisited way too late.

Sony Contact Lenses – Final Thoughts

At first glance the idea is a tech lovers dream. Record graduations, epic sports games, weddings, fashion shows and vacations without lugging bulky equipment. That is just the way of the land in the tech world. How small can we get things. That’s why we went from vinyl records to CDs, MP3 players, to iPods to an app called Spotify.

Smaller means simple. It means efficient. Heck, one day we may be texting using mind control thanks to a chip inserted into our heads. We just don’t know, we will have to wait until Cybernet reveals all.

Until then, we’ll just say on the flip side the Sony Contact Lenses could get a little dicey. We complain now about our privacy being invaded. Just wait until a live feed coming straight from your eyeballs is being monitored with all data being stored. How do you know when the lenses truly won’t be in use? As we said cool but scary. That’s just our two cents, but what do you think? Ponder that while you check out this short video that has more information.

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