What Social Media Says About Your Love Life

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What Social Media Says About Your Love Life5

With the amount of time spent in front of screens (comps and cellies) it was only a matter of time before social media habits crept into our love lives. On dates we constantly see couples more glued to their smartphones than the eyes of their SO. Location updates, food pics, restaurant check-ins have also become on-the-date norms. Moreover, if that wasn’t enough, you can also kiss old school conversation good-bye while you’re at it. Chats, DMs and texts are the new wave of communication. With this tech dating reality among us you may just wonder, what social media says about your love life?

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life

We’re all doomed! Just kidding, no need to go running out into the streets in full on Godzilla panic just yet. However, taking a closer look at your love life through the lense of social media could still do your relationship some good. These days, we’re all just one meme away from love bliss or detriment.

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life6

New studies and research is now frequently being done to understand the inter-workings of social media and the impact it has on human relationships. One recent finding showed that those who clocked more hours than their love on social media made a big difference. Alright girls you can exhale. It turns out if you are the one putting in more time than a part-time job at Forever 21 your relationship may not take a beating. However, guys didn’t fair as well in this case.

Husbands and boyfriends that hit up social media platforms more than their wives and girlfriends caused more problems in the relationship. The study found when the scales were majorly tipped in this way couples argued way more often. Researchers believe that men that log more time online may be doing it to seek support.

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life2

Their suggestion? Talk to him. Communicate with your guy to see what’s going on in his life. Maybe there is something bugging him and you are just the gal who can help it get fixed.

Ain’t Nothing Like Emoji Party

We hope you sang that heading with your best Tupac voice (LOL). Anyway, we digress, back to the topic at hand. Let’s get into: What Social Media Says About Your Love Life when it comes to emojis!

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life7

Emojis freaking make the world go round. If you are anything like us you most likely need a 10 step program to stop the addiction. Feeling flirty? There is an emoji for that. Need your man to know you hungry and hangry? Shoot… a couple emojis all lined up and looking purr-ty will having know what’s up. In a nutshell, emojis help to paint a picture for your dude easily and simply.

Well, good news fellow emoji abusers! These cartoon-ish gems actually help to amp up intimacy among other things. A popular match site decided to find out the truth about emojis through a survey. Their findings? They found that 40 percent of people who engage in using multiple emojis during conversations tend to be more frisky and go on on more dates.

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life3

The use of emojis shows that a person is fun, playful and has a sense of humor. Since texting, chats and DMs by themselves can be quite stale. Emojis liven up a convo with the quickness.

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life – Brag So Hard

Hey when you’re proud you’re proud right? In this case naw, that is very wrong. We’ve all seen it. That one person who posts WCW and MCM like they have recently found out their love life was going to be chronicled by Disney.

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life8

You are happy at first, but then 80 posts and 6 days later it gets to be just too much. Researchers have begun to agree. A recent study came to the conclusion that a person who constantly bragged about their boo actually has an insecure bond.

Insecure? Eek, doesn’t that word just give you the heebie buhgeebies? No one likes insecurity to be apart of their intimate relationships. Insecurity wrecks havoc if left unchecked. One partner can begin to suspect wrongdoing and you can forget about trust.

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life4

Nevertheless, the study went on to show that couple profile photos were just fine. Actually, couples that displayed such pics demonstrated higher relationship satisfaction. The lesson? Don’t overdo it when it comes to showing off your love. Sappy posts are fine, but it find yourself vomiting out post after post from your cell phone it may be time for self evaluation. Furthermore, researchers also suggest assessing your connection with your love bug as well.

Let’s Conclude

What Social Media Says About Your Love Life

Love is more than a hashtag, photo, like, comment or shoutout. Get into some of the retro practices like phone calls, dates with out phones present (put it in a purse or pocket) and saying the words, “I love you.” As nice as it is to shout to the world how much you love someone its even sweeter to be shown how much someone cares.

Actions speak louder than words and the Gram. They are stronger than a tweet, snap story or FB post. Relationships have stood the test of time throughout centuries because two people decided to spend quality time together. Therefore, communicate without the screen and any post will be just icing on the cake.

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