SmartGuard Pepper Spray Case For Use With iPhone

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Did you know that you could weaponize your iPhone by adding a pepper spray to it? Let me introduce you to SmartGuard. SmartGuard is a case that holds a small canister of pepper spray, which you can quickly release and use when you’re in a bad situation.

The spray can go as far as 5 feet, irritating your attacker’s eyes, skin and respiratory system. It’s less violent than the Yellow Jacket, but probably more effective at debilitating someone. The canister is very easy to remove and place back in the case.  So, as long as you have your phone in hand you’ll get to use it within a few seconds.

Sure you could get a regular pepper spray, but this one has another advantage, besides being able to carry it attached to your phone: it looks harmless enough so your attacker will probably be clueless until you spray him with the 10% Oleoresin Capsicum solution.  SmartGuard is available for $35 in several colors on the SabreRed website.

The fashionable cases are with a built-in pepper spray baton.  This feature makes it convenient for iPhone users to carry the protection they need.

  • Enhanced Personal Safety — Cell phones provide a lifeline to emergency services. SmartGuard adds the immediate protection of law enforcement strength pepper spray.
  • Immediately Accessible — Quick, convenient access to personal safety spray any time you are carrying your iPhone.
  • Practical & Stylish — Cases designed to fit iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4/4S models are available in black, white, and pink.