Singer Fantasia Renews Her Vows! That dress Though!

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Singer Fantasia Renews Her Vows

They say we only fall in love three times. Therefore, if you have found the love of your life it truly is something special! Speaking of special, singer Fantasia relived her special day by renewing her vows to husband, Kendall Taylor. Her dress, hair and makeup are bridal goals dolls. We’ll show you everything in our exclusive: Singer Fantasia Renews Her Vows.

Singer Fantasia Renews Her Vows

Fantasia waxed poetic to her husband and totally we needed a Kleenex! Her words were full of love and tons of appreciation. Here is what she said to Mr. Taylor,

“I love you so much that I’d do it over and over and over again! When I met you, I just never knew! It’s almost like I may have known you in another life. Like this love has happened before and thats’ how it works so well between us because we’ve been here before. So we did it again! The right way… so … yes I do. Second time around. You are my gift everyday baby.”

Could she get any sweeter? Fantasia has been through so much so it great to see her so happy. Moreover, even her fans feel the same way. Many sweetly shared a few comments regarding Fantasia’s big day. Here are a couple:


“Sis I love you & Ken so much together!”

“Beautiful bride! Congrats! May God bless your union.”

“My fav couple! I love the way he loves you it shows! You deserve every bit of the happiness he brings you! Love you.”

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Singer Fantasia Renews Her Vows – The Look

Now lets’ get to her look! Makeup artist, Keita Moore, spilled the deets on Fantasia’s stunning makeup look. She wore makeup by Colored Raine.  She rocked the brands liquid lipstick in “Soul.” In addition to lashes by Verified Whitney. Very va va voom!

In addition to her gorgeous gown with exquisite detailing we loved her pearl choker necklace, nails and hair! Also, her tresses were so sleek, shiny and smooth. Furthermore, they also served up major vintage vibes. Fantasia was a vision and we continue to wish her the best in her marriage! Congrats love!

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