Ciara Reveals First Photos of Sienna Wilson With TraceMe App!

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Sienna Wilson

It seems like only yesterday that Ciara was carrying around the cutest baby bump ever. Then during May 2017 the newest bundle of joy arrived to the Wilson family. Nevertheless, after the official baby announcement things cooled off. No photos, videos or any social media posts dropped; leaving Cici fans begging for just a sneak peek. Well, it looks like the day is finally here, Ciara Reveals First Photos of Sienna Wilson With TraceMe App!

Ciara Reveals First Photos of Sienna Wilson With TraceMe App

Sienna Wilson

She is gorgeous! Sienna is a perfect reflection of her equally stunning parents, Ciara and NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson. The official photo shoot dropped today and the Internet went bananas. Online we saw comments like:

“Post Sienna I need more pics.”

“Great photo shoot and beautiful wife and daughter.”

“Gorgeous baby girl.”

“Great photos. Def have a good eye.”

Sienna Wilson

“Well worth the wait. She is beautiful, she is her daddy’s daughter.”

“Sienna is very beautiful.”

“You guys have a beautiful bright eyed baby girl. God bless you and your family.”

First Photos of Sienna Wilson With TraceMe App

Ciara is certainly a proud mom who was excited to finally share her baby girl. Speaking of the reveal she says, “Today is just the beginning, I’m sharing something near and dear to my heart with your. Meet my baby girl on my TraceMe App.”

Sienna Wilson

Hubby Russell is sweetening the deal to get fans to download the new app. He took to social media with a video giving a BTS view of the photo shoot with Baby Sienna Wilson. In the caption he writes,

“You guys have got to see the video of our photo shoot. Tear dropper hearing Ciara read her letter to Sienna. My two girls!!! My 1st professional photo shoot! Photography is a passion. Download TraceMe App to watch.”

Sienna Wilson

So then, there you have it. If you want to see more of tiny superstar Sienna go to and download her new app. Nevertheless, once downloaded what else can you expect to find within in the app. Ciara answers stating, “Welcome to my world! My music, my dance, my fashion, my family.”

Sienna Wilson

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