Shoulder Tension -Help to Let Go, So You Can Let Flow

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DROP YOUR SHOULDERS. Feels better right? Sadly, most of the time we are completely unaware of just how much shoulder tension we are carrying around. It just seems to happen; even subconsciously.

Moreover, tension in our shoulders can occur for a number of reasons. We can get it from our bad sitting habits at school, work or at home. Even while we are just trying to collect our “beauty sleep” we can cause tension due to incorrect sleeping positions.


Shoulder Tension


Nevertheless, a lot of the time tightness in the shoulder area is all thanks to stress. And we all have a lot to be stressed about! School, work, pandemics, bills, projects, unfairness, aging parents, kids; you name it! We all have a LOT on our plates and we are just doing our humanly best to get through it all.

Therefore, learning to cope and relax our bodies will go a long way in achieving relief. You will feel better. Think clearer. Additionally, you will experience better emotional health as well as a rise in energy. Benefits we are sure we can all agree that could make a huge difference and be amazing to enjoy daily. So what can be done?


Shoulder Tension


Shoulder Tension -Help to Let Go So You Can Let Flow

There are a few techniques that you can utilize in order to help relieve your shoulders of unwanted tension. First of all, be mindful. Become more aware of what your body is doing. Are your shoulders raised towards your ears right now? Well, drop them.

Try taking in a deep breathe while positioning your body so that you are sitting or standing up straight; then exhale and drop your shoulders down. Close your eyes and take in a few more deep breaths while keeping your shoulders down and relaxed; and your back straight. You should begin to feel your whole body relaxing.



Stretching is also very good for shoulder tension. Why? It is because stretching helps to shift tension thus allowing our muscles to soften. As any fitness guru will tell you, muscles are soft when they are in a relaxed state. This is a sign that they are normal and healthy. So then, what’s a good stretch for the shoulders?

Simple Shoulder Stretch

The stretch we are about to describe will go a long way in helping you not only relax, but get out all of that unnecessary tension in your shoulders. Plus, it’s also good for the neck too! Let’s get started.

  1. Start by sitting or standing with your back straight and of course your arms and shoulders relaxed.
  2. Next interlace your fingers together and place the palms of your hands gently on the back of your head. Keep your elbows out but facing forward.
  3. Now gently pull your head down towards your chest.
  4. Hold this stretch and position for 30 seconds.

Tension in the shoulders is not fun, but it can be remedied. Life might get stressful but there are ways of tackling it so that your health is not affected. So then, we remember to take some time to be mindful of your posture; take deep breathes and stretch your way to a more relaxed you!



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