Should You Keep a Mascara Wand?

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Should You Keep a Mascara Wand

Have you ever purchased a mascara and just absolutely loved how it made your lashes look? Most likely, the wand to that product played a key role in helping you achieve dazzling eyelashes. So what should you do once you actually finish the mascara bottle? Should you just pitch the wand as well?

Beauty experts say no, you can keep the wand for future use by recycling it. Recycling just means that you are cleansing the wand in order to use it later. To clean the wand soak it in a cap full of eye makeup remover then wash it with soap and water like normal. Allow the wand to dry naturally by laying it flat on a paper towel or cloth.

Tip: If you do recycle a wand and use it later always remember to cleanse it whenever you clean your other beauty tools. Moreover, keeping old wands can save you money on having to buy “spoolies!”

Should You Keep a Mascara Wand2

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