Should You Buy Cheap Clip In Hair Extensions?

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Hair extensions have rapidly been becoming the must have beauty accessory for women. This could be for a number of reasons such as seeing a style that requires longer hair than what they have got or simply to give their existing hair a boost by adding more volume to it.

There are many different types of hair extensions you can choose from, from the more expensive real human hair glued in extensions to the clip in ones which can either be real human hair or synthetic.

Judging by people’s opinions the most popular type are the clip in hair extensions. There are several different reasons for this one of which is that they are a cheaper option than the rest due to how simple they are to apply, remove and style.

The clip in extensions can either be purchased with synthetic hair or real human hair. The synthetic option is much cheaper than real hair as its benefit is that it can be mass produced, it cannot however always be treated in the same way as normal hair in terms of styling or hair products.

As it is not the same material you would not be able to do things such as straighten them as the heat will damage it, or even dye them to a different colour. Human hair however, you could treat in the same way as your existing hair.

Before going to buy the clip in versions, there are some things that you would want to consider. One of these is the color as you will want to make sure that they match your existing hair to the best possible shade so it looks as natural as possible.


If you are buying online, many companies are able to talk to you before buying so that they can help you by deciding what would be the best shade match for you to make sure that you can use them straight out of the packet and do not have to worry about sending them back.

They also come in different lengths, for example 16″ to 22″, which allow you to match the length of your hair. This also has an added advantage as you can put layers into your hair or you can buy them longer and cut them to the exact length that you want.

Once you clip them into your hair you will notice that there may be some left over. This is a bonus because in case you make a mistake and cut or colour one piece wrong then there is another one for you to use and to not make the same mistake.

If you have longer hair it can prove to be hard to style the more hard to reach areas but with clip ins you are able to either curl or straighten them before attaching them. This means that it can take less time to style your hair at any time.

Many shops or salons that provide hair extensions offer many options that are pre-styled. You can buy them straight, curly, highlighted, full head or just one piece extensions. This adds a greater variety to what you can buy and appeals to many women as it means that all they have to do is apply them to their existing hair.

Another point you may wish to look at is whether the extensions come with clips or whether you have to buy them separately. Some come with the clips already built in which can save a lot of time and stress by not having to place them in your hair before attaching the clips. Check out some hair clips here: