Should I Color My Hair at Home?

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Should I Dye My Hair at Home


Hair Quickie: Should I color my hair at home? If, you are looking to do a major color change to your tresses it is always best to get it done professionally.

You will want to seek a hair stylist for color if:

1. Your hair is damaged- You never want to inflict more hair pain.
2. Hair is relaxed- Applying chemicals upon chemicals should not be taken lightly. Let a professional do it right so that your hair stays healthy.
3. Plan on going lighter/darker by 3 shades- This is a drastic change and you may not successfully get the look you want out of a store bought bottle.

Therefore, little color changes such as covering gray hairs to blend with your natural hair tint may be done at home, but bigger jobs should always be done by a professional colorist.

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