Shangani Fashion - Where African Fashions Meet the Stylish Traveler

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Shangani Fashion

Shangani Fashion’s debut presentation during New York Fashion Week conveys contemporary cuts that are accented with vintage accessories. Shangani Fashion designs are a juxtaposition of culture and style. Shangani is an African tribe that lived near the Shangani River in Zimbabwe, Africa. The tribe was named after its founder. Moreover, the name “Shoshangani” means traveler. Therefore, Shangani Fashion is a brand inspired by the experience of travel and the exposure of different cultures.

Creations by Shangani’s Designers merge their travel experiences with colorful ethnic prints and contemporary shapes. Their point of view creates a high fashion, ready-to-wear look. Nevertheless, traditional African fabrics with a modern mix, is the real passion behind Shangani Fashions.  ​

Shangani Fashion

​Shangani Fashion – Where African Fashions Meet the Stylish Traveler

The design duo collaborating on the aesthetics is Fashion Designers Mary Moore and Elesia Peterman. Moore is a graduate of the University of Zimbabwe who enjoys global jets-setting. Moore explains, “My inspirations are fusions of my cultural, travel experiences as well as my Zimbabwean heritage and styles. Shoppers will find divers influences from the Caribbean, European and Middle-Eastern expressions in my fashions. [However] I enjoy mixing various African influences with a contemporary cut and shape for a modernized look. The result is a ready-to-wear brand that is suitable for all occasions.”

Shangani Fashion

“My creative inspiration comes from a fusion of time, epoch periods and cultures, while remaining Afrocentric,” states Elesia Peterman. “I want our line to show that African print transcends. The looks can be worn strictly as traditional wear, but the looks can also be incorporated in business and everyday casual use.

What makes our line unique is that it isn’t just an African meets Western cohesion. Our goal is to reach and inspire a much bigger market. Our line is an international fusion. Also, being a millennial, I feel I can relate with the style trends my peers are excited about. I want to use clothing design as my voice and demonstration of creativity.”

Shangani Fashion

Shangani offers looks for both men and women. Moreover, the brand intends to expand the menswear line for upcoming seasons. The garments are wearable for business casual or as formal wear using materials that certainly last.

Depending on the type of garment design, the brand uses one-hundred percent cotton, applied with Dutch Wax print, denim and other uniquely blended materials of the finest quality. Completing the Afro-inspired look, the Shangani brand also features handcrafted travel handbags and clutch bags. Accessories such as earrings, bracelets and shoes, add a hint of sophistication to an individual’s look.​


DESIGNER: Mary Moore​

DESIGNER: Elesia Peterman
Harare, Zimbabwe​


Ph: 888.220.0981​




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Shangani FashionShangani FashionShangani Fashion