Sexy Lips in a Flash with a 10 Minute Lip Mask

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Spring is coming up fast which means soon love will be in the air. Moreover, this also means that pouty, sexy lips will definitely be on the menu as well. Are your lips in need of a quick pucker makeover? Get her done girls, achieve Sexy Lips in a Flash with a 10 Minute Lip Mask!

Sexy Lips in a Flash with a 10 Minute Lip Mask

Why should you use a mask on your lips? Well, think for a moment on what masks are able to do for the face. Facial masks are excellent products for improving the appearance of skin. They do this by not only removing impurities but by most importantly adding hydration.

So then, if you want a pair of sexy lips you need to use a product that will improve the appearance of your lips. Here is a little trick that MUAs (makeup artists) use to give lips a quick lip treatment. Two words: plumping gloss.

Yes, that tingling product will give your lips a nice “kick.” All you have to do is apply a generous amount of plumping gloss and leave it on for 10 minutes. Next, remove the coating and apply your lipstick or lip color of choice. By using a lip gloss with a plumping action for short period of time it will enhance the look of your lips without having to keep the stickiness all day.

Moreover, you can achieve a sassier looking pout without having a “wet” lips look from wearing gloss if you are really wanting a more matte finish. All you are doing is using the gloss as a mask to give your lips a little extra boost. Therefore, do those lip masks ladies and you will be on your way to rocking gorgeous sexy lips!

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