Beauty Quickie: Setting Powder -The Key to the Makeup Slay

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Beauty Quickie: Do you want your makeup to look like your face was blessed by the cosmetic “gawds?” Are you tired of watching your finished beauty look slide off your face like toppings from a pizza crust throughout the day? If you answered yes to any of those questions then setting powder is about to become your new makeup bag friend!

Beauty Quickie: Setting Powder -The Key to the Makeup Slay

First of all, it is important to acknowledge that there are different face powders all with various purposes. Many at times confuse setting powder with finishing powder. However, the two are not the same and have different functions. Yet, when used together both powders can help you achieve complexion perfection. In our post tomorrow we will will fully explain the distinguishing factors between the two products.

Nevertheless, why use setting powder instead of just regular foundation? Well, setting powder is designed to work in harmony with your foundation. In order to give things extra control if you will. This is because setting powder can provide additional holding power, thus “setting” your look into place and prolonging wear.

Moreover, besides preventing your makeup from rubbing off powders that set can do much more! Setting powders also can help to reduce any shine or illumination as well as sticky feeling that can occur after foundation is applied.

Setting Powder Videos

Sometimes seeing is believing. Also, it’s nice to learn an additional tip or two visually. Here are  a few videos that will provide more information to get you up to pro status in no time.

Video One Topic: Everything You Can Know About Face Powders

Number Two Video Topic: Should You Use a Powder Brush When Applying Powder

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