Secret to Long Hair - The Ancient Rice Water Rinse

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Secret to Long Hair

There’s a secret to long hair and we bet it is hiding out in your kitchen! This year gain inches with the help of an ancient, yet proven method… The Rice Water Rinse. Rice water can not only strengthen, but improve the overall health of your strands.

Using rice water for hair growth goes back to the Yao women who for years utilized this water for serious length gain. These women even today can grow 6 feet of hair! 6 feet! Now can you say, “Bundles!”

Well, ladies it’s time for us to cash in on this little secret to long hair. All you need is a bag of rice, strainer, pot, strainer, bowl and spray bottle. Let’s get started.

Secret to Long Hair – The Ancient Rice Water Rinse

Secret to Long Hair

The instructions below will teach you how to make rice water by boiling. Of course, not everyone uses the boiling option; however, some believe it helps to really bring out the good stuff. In a future post this week we will explain how to make this hair growth water without heat; so head back for that in a few hours!

Step One – Rinse one cup of rice in a strainer then place rice in a pot.

Step Two- Add 3 Cups of water to the pot.

Step Three- Bring to boil

Step Four- Turn off heat and let cool

Step Five- Strain and transfer just the water to a bowl

Step Six- Next pour rice water into a spray bottle and dilute with water.

Step Seven- Apply and spray rice water all over hair until super saturated.

Step Eight-Leave on for 30 minutes then rinse out.

Secret to Long Hair

Secret to Long Hair – The Ancient Rice Water Rinse

Got it? Once you get the steps down it’s pretty easy to do. So then, what are a few of the benefits from using a rice water rinse? Well, it’s great because it:

Contains amino acids and antioxidants

Nourishes scalp

Improves shine and hair volume

Has inositol

Nourishes hair follicles

Contains B vitamins

Secret to Long Hair

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