Sean John x MissGuided -Over 100 Pieces with BIA Modeling the Campaign!

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Sean John x MissGuided


What year are we in? In 2020 there has been a tie-dye resurgence; Baby Phat revival, iOS update reminiscent of Myspace and Monica with Brandy hugging to The Boy Is Mine. Seriously… what a time to be alive. However, now one of the largest fashion brands in UK history is dropping a HUGE collection with the man, the legend, never the myth DIDDY! So break out your puffer jackets, tracksuits, MP3 players and line those lips… because Sean x John MissGuided is going to make you Breathe, Stretch, Shake and Let It Go!



Sean John x MissGuided -Over 100 Pieces with BIA Modeling the Campaign

This collection is no joke. It is not some little 5 outfit of remembrance lineup. This collaboration will boast 117 pieces! For Diddy, this is more than just giving people serious nostalgia vibes. It is a reintroduction of his iconic fashion brand to a completely new generation. To help lead the charge; MissGuided and Combs has enlisted the sultry edginess of BIA to model the campaign.



What type of fashions can consumers expect? Well, this first drop is being called “The Classics;” and takes its fashion cue from the early 2000’s of Sean John’s history. In short you’ll be able to purchase:

  • Puffer Jackets
  • Velour Tracksuit
  • Baggy Jeans
  • Bodycon Minidresses
  • Hoodies
  • Oversize Teeshirts
  • Bucket Hats
  • Bodysuits

Furthermore, the price point of this collaboration isn’t bad either. Every single piece falls into an affordable $22-$152 range. Not too shabby of price given Sean John’s high fashion influence. This collab will truly give Comb fans the Sean John look at fast fashion prices.

Sean John x MissGuided

In a recent interview with WWD, both Sean Combs and BIA spoke on this exclusive collaboration. Combs on why he thought this collection would be the perfect fit for his brand. And BIA addressed what’s it like to wear it!



“We use the saying ‘if not now, when?’ So when, we were approached to collaborate on a women’s collection with MissGuided, we took on that same attitude. For 20 plus years, Sean John has taken a stance to motivate and aspire our consumers.

Like MissGuided, we stand on the principles of empowerment; and we knew immediately that they would be the right partner for Sean John to launch this collection. Most important, we know when you empower women, you empower the world.”

-Sean John


“I think the Sean John and MissGuided partnership is brilliant and so classic. It is a collection that I feel comfortable in and confident wearing. This shoot was so fun and natural.”



Sean John x MissGuided


Sean John x MissGuided






Sean John x MissGuided

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