Save Money and Make Your Own BB Cream!

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Save Money and Make Your Own BB Cream

Beauty Quickie: If you are the type of girl that likes to kill two birds with one stone (no animals were harmed in the writing of this post) then utilizing BB cream is definitely for you! BB creams are great for anyone who needs to speed up their beauty routines because you are able to moisturize and apply foundation all in one simple step. BB creams are easy to apply because they go on similarly to a regular face cream or lotion.

Believe it or not making your own BB cream at home is a piece of cake. BB Cream is literally just half foundation and half moisturizer. Therefore, mix equal parts of your favorite lotion as well as liquid foundation and you have your very own customized BB cream.

Bonus: If you enjoy rocking a more natural look BB creams give your skin a nice light, even coverage so that you look flawless minus the cake face factor.

Save Money and Make Your Own BB Cream2