Savage x Fenty - Rihanna Lingerie Dropping May 11-EVERYTHING TO KNOW!

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Savage x Fenty

Welp… didn’t she tell us she was? Rihanna is at it again to snatch every dollar out of our wallets (and wigs) with a “savage” lingerie line aptly named, Savage x Fenty! The brand is set to drop in just a few weeks on May 11. Right in time for those summer Baes and flings. Date night anyone?

Rihanna’s sassy intimates label takes its inspiration from her hit song, Needed Me. In the pre-chorus Rih can be heard singing, “But baby, don’t get it twisted. You was just another n@#ga on the hit list. Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad b$&ch. Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage.”

The savagery line took off like a wildfire since the song’s release back in March of 2016; and Rih continues to use it to not only further brand herself, but also her stylish merchandise. Savage which can refer to someone being stinging, fierce or ravening; is certainly fitting to the image of the world’s favorite Badgal as well as her future collection of lingerie.

Savage x Fenty – Rihanna Lingerie Dropping May 11… EVERYTHING TO KNOW

However, what is the connection between Fenty’s video and intimate apparel? Well, in the Needed Me music video Rihanna famously wore a number of chic styles. The one that stuck out in everyone’s fashion mind, was an insanely gorgeous light blue Italian silk organza long couture robe with matching bottoms. Nonetheless, was Rihanna here hinting at a future lingerie collection in this video?

Savage x Fenty

In all honesty, there is a pretty good hunch to think that she was. Fenty enjoys a long history of dropping hints at her upcoming releases. For instance, at the Grammy Awards in 2017 Rihanna donned jewelry from her luxury Chopard collaboration collection way before it hit the market.

Savage x Fenty

Also, more recently, Robyn gave the world Wild Thoughts in her 2018 Grammys performance with DJ Khaled. Besides wearing a designer ensemble by Adam Selman; the singer also glowed thanks to her Fenty Beauty Body Lava. The performance was in January of 2018 while Body Lava’s release was in the following April.

Savage x Fenty

Rihanna may be very slick with her hints, but the fact remains whether people pick up on them or not; they are still going to purchase whatever Rih makes when it finally comes to fruition. However, last word, on that light blue robe in the Needed Me video. Want it? It’s by Rosamosario and it’s called the Cosmic Love Long Robe. With sizing that ranges from XS to XL. There are still some of these robes currently in stock and will cost you 1,570 euros or $1,910. Your welcome.

Savage x Fenty – Rihanna Lingerie Dropping May 11

So then, what’s in store when it comes Savage x Fenty? Oh you know, just everything in order to make any heart you desire race! Rihanna is already giving a saucey preview of what’s to come. Online the music icon shared a few posts teasing the intimates brand.

Savage x Fenty

Furthermore, in one particular promo photo Rihanna lays out on a mirrored platform in a little red and white printed number with cut-out detailing. The bodysuit is also equipped with an underwire. This is music (pun intended) to the ears of all women who enjoy plenty of support as well as those apart of the itty-bitty chest committee that love having a nice boosting effect.

This sexy design proves that Rihanna is once again seriously thinking about her market. Like her cosmetics brand, Robyn only wants to sell not only what her customers want, but what they also really need. Whether well endowed, or small and perky Rihanna wants to ensure her intimates brand makes you feel absolutely alluring.

Additionally, Miss Fenty would also like fans to know that the brand will be inclusive. Sizing will have an amazing range. Therefore, if you are nervous about finding something that fits, you do not have to be worried.

Savage x Fenty (Cont.)

Savage x Fenty

Ready to lace up? Yup… the brand will also host plenty of lacy garments. A pair of lacy bottoms have additionally hit the online sneak peek train. Moreover, Rihanna is super excited to share all of her designs real soon.

The Work artist posted on social stating, “Bet ya didn’t know it’s National Lingerie Day; got a lil’ treat for my ladies… Savage x Fenty is coming to you worldwide on May 11th! Exclusively on!

On the website you will find a nifty area to sign up for any and all updates. To get specifics for your area, all you have to do is provide an email and select your county. It’s that simple.

Savage x Fenty

Furthermore, since everything Rih touches turns to gold this little email list is extremely helpful if you actually wish to get your hands on some of her upcoming lingerie. Like her fashion line as well as cosmetics, all of her intimate apparel is already set to sell out FAST. So then, act now and check out in order to sign up for future details.

Savage x Fenty – Rihanna Lingerie Dropping

So is there a market for lingerie? Uhm… heck yeah! Better hold onto your wings Vickie with a Secret because RIH fans have spoken! Whether they are currently lingerie fanatics or not; they want in on Fenty’s racy pie.

Already in less than a week, the Savage x Fenty craze is taking over all social platforms. On Instagram the Savage x Fenty Instagram account is sitting sexy with over 155,000 followers. With photos garnering over over tens of thousands of likes; as well as video teasers getting over 100,000 views. Not bad for a page that many didn’t even know existed until a few hours ago.

Therefore, what are people and Rihanna fans saying about the Barbadian beauty’s latest brand drop?


“Ok but why did this have to come out at the time I’m broke.”

“Can’t wait!!”

“Rihanna is coming for our wallets ladies.”

“Whatever it is, the coins is here!!! Take the coins Robyn!!”



Savage x Fenty – But What About…

New music? As much as we all are loving Rihanna’s success in fashion, beauty and everything in-between. The fact is many would like to see Miss Fenty make a return to her original bread and butter… music.

Don’t believe us? Hit the Gram and check out the comments under the first Savage x Fenty post. It’s all too clear what the people want. If you don’t have time to snoop here are just a few of their musical driven thoughts.

“Ok but we want new music.”

“Music, music, music.”

“If its lingerie I will love it. But I would love new music more.”

“We want new music Rihhh why are you doing this to us?”

“Release music.”

“It would be nice if there was some new music to listen to in the meanwhile.

“We want new music girl!”

“Riri!!! Don’t play with us like this!”

“We been ‘kiss it kiss it better’ since 2016… we want new music… 100.”

“Sis where’s the music.”


Savage x Fenty Fan Art

You know something is about to be a hit when the fan art is steadily pouring in! Right now there’s too many to count, but several did in fact catch our artistic eye. Two our favorites include works by Martha Oborska (first illustration) and Irish illustrator Ethan. Enjoy the pics and don’t forget to come gab with us on IG as well as twitter about Fenty’s new brand!

Savage x Fenty Savage x Fenty

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