Ryan Destiny New Face of BLACK OPAL -Repping for the Dark Skin Girls!

Ryan Destiny New Face of BLACK OPAL
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Ryan Destiny New Face of BLACK OPAL


Have a hard finding a foundation that actually matches? Well, you’re not alone! For decades, black girls and women have found it a challenge to get their hands on makeup that truly compliments their rich, deep skin tones. Actress and singer Ryan Destiny is one such lady who has faced this challenge; and admits that’s one reason why she has made her latest Beauty project move. Say hello to Ryan Destiny New Face of BLACK OPAL —the brand that isn’t ignoring melanin skin tones; but bringing them into the spotlight!

Ryan Destiny New Face of BLK OPAL -Repping for the Dark Skin Girls!


Ryan Destiny New Face of BLACK OPAL


Yes, Ryan Destiny is now an official brand ambassador for cosmetics label, BLK OPAL and she has some very good reasons to be! As mentioned, Ryan has at times had a difficult time finding makeup that seamlessly matches her beautiful skin. The Grownish star says that BLK OPAL has never let her down and for that reason; she has been wearing the brand for years.

Nevertheless, don’t just take our word for it. Ryan’s mom, Dawn confirms the story. In a brief statement Dawn reveals,

“You are looking at the new face of BLK OPL, Ryan Destiny! This was/is so important because representation matters and that doesn’t need an explanation.



True story, Black Opal was Ryan’s first foundation that she really started wearing back like 9-10 yrs go when she was learning how to do her MU from our MUA back in Detroit Shalonda A.; (hit her up when in the D!). Shalonda introduced Ryan to BLK OPL and it’s been a staple ever since. [Moreover], I can’t forget MU Head on Star; Quintessence, she loves BLK OPL as well and just hit me up saying she’s so excited Ryan’s The Face.

I just want y’all to know BLK OPL is/has been a big deal and is owned by a black woman, Desiree Rogers. Yes, when you google her she is the former press secretary of the White House (bad a**). Congrats Ryan and Desiree!”

The Big Announcement and Final Details!


Ryan Destiny New Face of BLACK OPAL


So as you can see, this match up with Ryan Destiny and Black Opal is a match made in makeup heaven! Two entities that already have a long beautiful history together.

Black Opal is very excited to be working with Ryan and took to social to let one and all know it. On Instagram BLK OPAL declares,

“Major announcement BLK/OPL is thrilled to share that Ryan Destiny is our new Brand Ambassador! The epitome of the Black Beauty Movement; Ryan is an electric singer, actor, and compassionate creative—we cannot wait to take on 2021 with her by our side.”


Ugh… we just love seeing black girls and women making moves! Nevertheless, if you have ever struggled with makeup matching be sure to keep your eye on this brand. With the move to make Ryan the face of the company; it’s clear that BLK OPL wants to send the message that they are all for beautifying melanin women!

Beauty Details:

Curious of what products Ryan is wearing for her GORGEOUS Black Opal makeup shot? Well, Ryan Destiny is rocking the Black Opal True Melanin 12-Well Eyeshadow Palette as well as Oil Absorbing Pressed Powder in Smokin’ Topaz!


Ryan Destiny New Face of BLACK OPAL


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