Russian Twist for Abs-This One Move Targets Every Core Muscle!

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Russian Twist for Abs

Finally get those abs everyone will be jealous of this year! How? Incorporate this Russian twist for abs move into your workout and you will see amazing results! Here are just of the many benefits you can experience from performing this exercise:

  • Work the whole abdomen.
  • Strengthen back due to the position of it during the exercise.
  • Stronger obliques and abdominal muscle, thus helping to prevent slouching for improved posture.
  • Trim waistline and eliminate love handles.

As you can see, from this move you can expect some serious sexy mid-section results. Well, that’s if you do it in the right way. Russian twists can’t just be performed in a haphazard, lazy way. You could hurt yourself. So then, correct form is super important. No worries, because we asked the fitness pros to give us directions on how to this russian twist exercise right; and now we are going to share it with you!

Russian Twist for Abs-This One Move Targets Every Core Muscle

Russian Twist for Abs

Ready to tone every muscle in your core? Great let’s do the Russian Twist workout!

  1. Start off by sitting on the floor while bringing your legs out straight.
  2. Next, slowly lean back so that your torso as well as legs form a V-shape. Keep stomach in to make sure your core is engaged.
  3. While balancing your “V-Shape”, twist your torso from side to side without moving your legs at all. Just more from your core.
  4. Move slowly from side to side and always remember to breathe (Lol). Keep your core engaged throughout the exercise.

That’s it. Main points is to maintain a V-like shape while keeping your core engaged. How many reps should you aim for? Try to perform 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps.

Still need a little help knowing how to do this move? Check out the following videos. The first one is a dude who’s showing guys how to do it. But we swear, his mechanics are great and it will work for us girls too.

Video two here will show you how to do it with your legs not balanced in the air.

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