Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna for Cassie’s 2nd Pregnancy! -Get the Look

Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna
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Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna

First of all nothing love and tons of positivity being sent to the Fine family! Today, Cassie and beau, Alex Fine announced that their family is growing by one; and that means Baby Fine number is on the way! Cassie made the announcement in a stunning series of visuals which included a beauty shot featuring the Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna. Just GORGEOUS!

Rokael Beauty Lashes in So Luna- Why You NEED These!

Cassie is undeniably a natural beauty. The woman doesn’t even need a lick of makeup to make most googly eyed. However, the starlet does have access to some of the BEST in the industry whenever she does decide to glam it up. Therefore, why not follow her lead?

Mrs. Fine often uses celebrity makeup artist, Rokael in order to achieve her mesmerizing beauty looks. Rokael literally has blessed some of the most famous faces walking upon this planet. Clients have included everyone from Beyoncé to Lana Del Rey to Normani. So then, if the Queen trusts this MUA, you should too!


Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna


Recently, Rokael started his own beauty line which includes some beautiful lash designs. In her second pregnancy shoot, Cassie wears SOLUNA. The Rokael Beauty brand describes this pair of faux eyelashes as,

“A rounded cat eye to create a feathery effect for any eye shape. The essence of the sun and the moon’s love come together in SoLuna, a perfect combination of a rounded cat eye flared lash perfect for any eye shape. Criss-cross hair patterns create the perfect feathery effect.”

More Helpful Details about So Luna and Fake Lashes

Well, that sounded dramatically fabulous! Nevertheless, we were able to gather up a little more beauty intel on Cassie’s lashes! For instance, like the fact they are faux mink.

In case you are not aware, some companies are cruelly using real mink; since it mimics the fluffiness of real lashes. While various brands claim that they are simply brushing minks in order to retrieve the desired amount of hair; mistreatment and trauma can still occur. As a result, we are thrilled to learn that Cassie’s Rokael Beauty lashes are in fact faux mink!

But yet, there’s more to learn about her eye defining lashes. In a nutshell, here are the features of So Luna:

  • Cruelty-free mink
  • Cat eye tapered
  • Long wispy ends for cat eye flare
  • Super lightweight
  • Invisible band
  • Criss cross pattern
  • Flattering on all eye shapes
  • Medium volume
  • Hand crafted
  • Celebrity Favorite

Sounds good right? Well, here’s a much closer look at Soluna, the lashes that Cassie is wearing in her beautiful photoshoot!


Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna

Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna

Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna for Cassie’s 2nd Pregnancy! -Get the Look

Cassie is well known for her natural makeup looks. How do you achieve natural glam? Easy… you subtly play up your features. Notice the lip gloss on Cassie’s lips to accentuate them; the highlight to showcase her facial structure; as well as the eyelashes to make her eyes POP.

Nevertheless, you may be surprised about the many other reasons you should get into wearing faux lashes. Yes, they look amazing in person and slay Instagram; but there’s more to it. Several benefits.


Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna

You see, aside from the impact on your makeup look that it creates; falsies (fake eyelashes)actually benefit your natural lashes! Unlike mascara that can make your natural eyelashes brittle and weak, false lashes act as an alternative to reduce the negative ramifications on your natural eyelashes; thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier!

So Where and For How Much?

We were not lying when we said Rokael Beauty is a celebrity favorite! We spied with our makeup eye a few drop dead gorgeous celebs that have worn the SOLUNA lashes. Check them out below!


Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna

Grammy Award Winning Christina Aguilera 

Iconic Supermodel IMAN

Singer and Performer Nicole Scherzinger

Rokael Beauty Lashes in Soluna

Top Model Sydney Harper

Too pretty! Okay, so do you want to get your hands on Cassie’s SOLUNA lash look? You can by heading online to

The cost? The price is very affordable, especially for such luxury lashes. Currently, each pair of SOLUNA retails for just $18! Score!

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