Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James Feather Ring with Diamonds

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Robert-Lee-Morris-for-Elizabeth-and-James-Feather-Ring-with-Diamonds1There is definitely beauty all around us and no one has captured that fact quite like Robert Lee Morris. I recently came across a lovely piece of jewelry that seemed to take a page straight from Mother Nature. It is a lovely, dazzling and really cool feather finger ring from Robert Lee Morris, famed jewelry designer.

The piece is downtown cool with uptown class, with impeccable construction. The Robert Lee Morris feather ring is quite stunning and at 1.5 in length, it is quite hard to not notice. The
beautiful ring carries a diamond carat of 0.60 ct.t.w as well as Sterling silver/14 Kt. yellow gold/diamonds.

Price: $175.00

Availability: Bloomingdale

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