Rituel de Fille The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter from the Moon Drop!

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Rituel de Fille The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter


Prepare to look like money HONEY! The Rituel de Fille Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter is spellbinding highlighter in a tantalizing green tone! It will suck in stares from onlookers into a vortex of sultry beauty!



Seriously, one glance at this product and you will be HOOKED. While most highlight tones seem to stick more “traditional” shades like gold, glittering bronze or a sterling silver. Rituel de Fille is going way out of the makeup box with Chimera.


Rituel de Fille The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter


It looks GREAT especially on deeper tones and will definitely take your makeup look to new unprecedented levels. Moreover, the Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter which is apart of the MOON Drop which comes in a total of 5 shades. Besides a stellar neon green; there’s also a just as stunning blue, pink, champagne and sunset orange.



However, be advised that only 4 out of the 5 shades are permanent colors. Unfortunately, Chimera is the only limited edition shade that will not be a permanent fixture that you can buy. Therefore, if you want it, we suggest you buy it!



Rituel de Fille The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter from the Moon Drop

Nevertheless, what does Rituel de Fille say about their new colorway? Besides how gorgeous it is, the brand is using this release to work towards a good cause. They reveal,

“The Chimera imparts the glowing, dewy radiance of a meadow nymph. This luminous lime blossom shade evokes dew on tender leaves. Soft sunlight gleaming through newly blooming flowers; and the glow of fireflies at dusk.



It is the color to wear in the sun of summer. A truly universal, fresh, and extraordinarily flattering shade. Light is the most important ingredient. Whenever, The Chimera catches the light, particularly sunlight; it refracts with stunning radiance, and it catches and reflects ambient light in darkness.



We will donate 100% of profits from the sale of The Chimera to organizations advancing the ideals of liberty and justice for all. By working to end mass incarceration, discriminatory sentencing; and wrongful convictions.”



Ready to be a glowy chic alien? Then grab your credit card and head to www.ritueldefille.com. Each The Chimera Highlighter currently retails for $32.



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Rituel de Fille The Chimera Metamorphic Highlighter


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