Rihanna Wants Her Money...New Video Controversy

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Rihanna Wants Her Money...New Video Controversy

We all love her fashion sense as well as her modeling prowess to the point sometimes we forget oh yeah, she’s still creating cool music! The fashion icon is causing quite the stir and it’s not because of a red carpet look. RiRi’s new mini movie music video for her single B*tch Better Have My Money has been slapped with an “adult” content rating because apparently it is not for little eyes. Nevertheless, with a song title like that are we all really THAT surprised?

The video is said to contain explicit content ranging from language to violence. Fans reactions have been mixed with many throwing out a conspiracy theory that the hot blonde pictures Bey who seems to owe our dear RiRi some money. Still, what most navy fans love about Rihanna is that she simply doesn’t care about pushing buttons. She’s a free bird and to her really what is a boundary?

Fans have been waiting to see the full video since a trailer hit the interwebs giving a tiny sneak peek of what was to be expected. To see the full video on youtube you will have to sign in to prove that you are old enough to handle the G-ness of Rihanna. Here are a few pics that may give you a clue as to what happens:

Rihanna Wants Her Money...New Video Controversy2 Rihanna Wants Her Money...New Video Controversy3

Yikes…note to everyone…if Rihanna ever takes us either hire Liam Neeson or for the love of everything chocolate just pay her the money! 😉

Nevertheless, check out the trailer below to test drive Rihanna’s new baby to see if you are down to buy into the full version.