Rihanna Showcases The New PUMA Eskiva

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Rihanna Showcases The New PUMA Eskiva5

Looking to take your shoe game to a whole other level? Then, it is time to look to the badgal herself for the pair of sporty sneaks that you are going to want to cop before the holiday rush. Rihanna can be seen flying high in PUMA’s latest release, the PUMA Eskiva.

Now we are only going to warn all the sneaker heads and kicks lovers out there once. If you want to get your hands on these bad boys you better put your bids in now. Remember Rihanna’s Creeper shoes sold out in just three hours! Of course, it is of note that the Eskiva is not a collaboration between Rihanna and the popular brand. Rihanna is a brand ambassador with creative director responsibilities, however, in this case Rihanna is just on modeling duty.

Rihanna Showcases The New PUMA Eskiva

Nevertheless, everything that Rihanna seems to touch seems to sale. Therefore, do not sleep on the Eskivas or you may be watching your friends walking around in them instead.

Personally, we are fans of the Eskiva Hi design because of its more modern feel and look than the average sneaker. However, there is a Mid style for those who are feeling the Eskiva but prefer a more normal shoe height. Check out a few more photos below and be advised that the shoe is available for purchase.

Rihanna Showcases The New PUMA Eskiva3

PUMA Eskiva Hi

Rihanna Showcases The New PUMA Eskiva4

PUMA Eskiva Mid

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Rihanna Showcases The New PUMA Eskiva2