Forget Makeup! Rihanna Most Streamed Female Artist of 2017!

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Rihanna Most Streamed Female Artist of 2017

In her ever growing list of accomplishments Rihanna just became the Queen of the Streams. 2017 produced new music as well as artists but it looks like fans opted for the “classics.” Rih obliterated the competition showing her global influence and popularity, plus true dominance in music. All hail Badgalriri because the stats are in… Rihanna Most Streamed Female Artist of 2017!

Forget Makeup! Rihanna Most Streamed Female Artist of 2017

But how? That’s the question puzzling many minds in the entertainment industry. The confusion comes down to the fact that Rihanna is the top dog and she didn’t even release a single album this year. Not one.

Instead Rihanna was busily promoting her wildly successful Fenty Beauty cosmetics line, Fenty Puma collection, Stance Socks, Manolo Blahniks, luxurious Chopard jewels and oh yeah, having Wild Thoughts with DJ Khaled. So was the girl busy? Heck yeah, and it translated over into her music.

Rihanna Most Streamed Female Artist of 2017

What this is indicating is that being seen at all is the key to relevance these days. Artists can freely take time off from their musical careers and as long as they continue to “work” (no pun intended) in the eyes of their fans via social media posts. There is no lost momentum, just retention of audience.

Times have certainly changed when being out of the public eye could spell career suicide. However, tech has resolved that, because even when celebs “leave” their normal activities they are never really gone now. They are literally just a tweet away.

Rihanna Most Streamed Female Artist of 2017

Rihanna Most Streamed Female Artist of 2017

Furthermore, what everyone also needs to recognize is that Rihanna is just simply liked. Her music career may have started slow, but over the years it has built into a solid fan base. Fans that not only genuinely feel her music, but they ultimately vibe with her style, personality and business moves.

That in itself is an unbeatable equation for success. All the variables add up to that whatever Rihanna is selling, her fans are buying. She doesn’t need a new album to remain relevant and fresh, she just needs to continue to be herself. As long as that doesn’t change her and her music will continue to reign supreme.

Nevertheless, Rihanna is in good company when it comes to the most streamed female club. This year’s Top five female streamed artists are as follows:

  1. Rihanna
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Selena Gomez
  4. Ariana Grande
  5. Sia

Can you say girl power? Rihanna also had a few congratulatory words for her fans in regards to her stream achievement. She stated,

“Shout out to the big homie GOD! Big ups to all the fans and streamers for the support when sis ain’t even had an album out. 2017! Spotify! Black Girl Magic.”

Congrats Rih and keep shining baby girl! However, what is your opinion? To you, what makes Rihanna so unbeatable? Let us know in the comments.

Rihanna Most Streamed Female Artist of 2017

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