Rent Taraji P. Henson's Home

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Rent Taraji P. Henson's Home

Want a piece of the Empire? Well, if your credit and finances are in order you just might get your wish. Henson is now extending the opportunity for renters to experience the high life. How can you rent Taraji P. Henson’s home?

Simple: Just be willing to fork over $12,000 a month. Unless you want her place to come fully furnished then expect to pay more Benjamins and Tubmans. Nevertheless, some pretty sweet amenities come with the price tag.

Rent Taraji P. Henson’s Home 

The Details 

Four Bedrooms

Five Bathrooms


Dressing Riom

Media Room

Amazing View of Los Angeles Skyline

Garage With Ballet Bar and Mirrored Wall

Outdoor Hot Tub With Fire Pit and Lounge

Bonus! Perhaps one the coolest parts about Taraji P. Henson’s home is her storage. Ladies and gentlemen this isn’t your average storing area. This storage has been equipped to hold 100 pairs of shoes! Your Jordans and Louboutins would rest safely plus stay in pristine order.

After looking over the above list it’s easy to see why Taraji’s home had a $3.25 price tag. Back in 2010 Henson had purchased the property with its 4,200 square feet of living space for $1.7 million. However, during December 2015 Taraji P. Henson decided to put her house up for sale.

Even though the luxurious property now has a rental option, the Beachwood Canyon home is still up for sale. In California the rental option has become quite the norm. Many owners choose to rent out their properties to start collecting money immediately until the market improves or becomes “hot” again. Either way it looks like Henson stands to make a pretty penny.

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