Quick Makeup Tips

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black women makeup looks

Want to look like a beauty queen in a few seconds flat? It is possible and with a hectic schedule most likely you need to cut corners somewhere to make up time. Here are two great tips to look great quick.

Lip gloss can be used for other things besides making your lips look like a million bucks. Makeup artist to the stars, Gina Brooke says, “Take a lip gloss in a sheer nude color and add it to the apples of your cheeks. It will instantly illuminate your skin and create the illusion of a healthy glow where you need it most.”

If you’re running late in the morning and all you have time for is lipstick; then all you need to do is make sure those lips of yours are primed and ready for color. Apply some foundation to your pucker before applying the color of your choice. Doing so will lock in the shade and help it last all day.