Prom2K17: Beyond Cute! Drake Excorts His Cousin Jalaah and Her Date

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You know that meme about skipping school? When you actually attend every day it is the same old thing and nothing happens. However, the one day you miss there’s tons of action and even Beyonce performs in the quad. Well, that sort of happened this past weekend. If you are a member of Fairley High School you got a surprise of a lifetime. Well, that is if you were there! Better than the Grinch, Drake brilliantly stole Prom2K17 by escorting his cousin Jalaah and her date for their big night out.

Prom2K17: Drake Takes His Cousin Jalaah and Her Date

No one can say Drake is not about family. Mr. Champagnepapi (his Instagram name for those anti-social media), set aside time out of his busy schedule for his cutie pie cousin, Jalaah. He flew all the way to Memphis in order to make this prom moment happen.


Drake’s cousin Jalaah looked gorgeous in a dazzling sequined gown. Jalaah’s date matched her sparling flair with a jacket made out of the same bling-y material. Her dress is by a fellow Memphis resident and designer, Jessie Woodson. Woodson owns and operates Arlean Elizabeth Couture which designs elegant, custom creations by appointment only. Regarding the gown and Jalaah’s Prom 2017 Jessie says, “Thank you Jalaah for allowing me to play a part of your special day! You are two beautiful and delightful young people. It was a pleasure working with you on your custom designs.”


We raise a drink to Drake for being apart of Prom2K17. We are sure he made his cousin’s biggest night of the school year a dream come true.

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