Project Glimmer An Empowered Future 10 Year Anniversary!

Project Glimmer An Empowered Future
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Project Glimmer An Empowered Future

Music, camaraderie, empowerment and straight up GIRL POWER! HECK YEAH Babies! This year’s Project Glimmer An Empowered Future has BRILLIANTLY done it’s part to help positively shape and influence the young minds of the future. Project Glimmer’s whole aim is to help young girls not only to gain confidence; but feel supported and truly reach for the stars. Did they succeed?


Project Glimmer An Empowered Future


Let us tell you… This event literally had it all and checked off every single one of those goals and then some! PG’s An Empowered Future included super fun entertainment segments; even from hit Broadway shows! PLUS appearances from amazing women such as the most decorated gymnast in the history of the sport; Simone Biles!

We immediately thought the decision for Biles to be apart of this event was such an AWESOME choice. It is SO important for young girls; especially, young women of color to see positive, successful ladies who look just like them. Why?

Well, as any woman of color will be the first to tell you; growing up you don’t always have a positive outlook because of how often black women are presented. In movies you are “the maid;” “house servant;” “addict” or “uncontrolled loud mouth.” In television, things aren’t much better. Then even when you Google “black models” you will most likely see pages of results of black and white photography featuring models of other races. Representation, good positive representation; can be hard to come by in this world.

Which is why we are THRILLED with the approach that Project Glimmer is taking. It’s about giving a voice to those who are often told to stay quiet and just accept how things are. Even if doing so makes you feel less than.



The Project Glimmer organization is saying ENOUGH. All young girls should be able to feel valued, seen and special. And we could not agree more!

Project Glimmer An Empowered Future 10 Year Anniversary!

When young women feel appreciated and respected they soar! And that’s the kind of future we should want for anyone, of any background, at any age. Moreover, that’s exactly the kind of future that Project Glimmer is working to achieve.

Their 10 year anniversary last night highlighted so many amazing women, their struggles as well as triumphant successes! This is yet another reason why Simone is a wonderful choice for Project Glimmer to highlight; since her personal journey demonstrates that hard work, strong self belief and esteem; as well as team work can get you places. Biles has had to develop for years as an athlete in order to get her skills to such high levels; and guess what? She’s still working at them! Lesson?


Project Glimmer An Empowered Future 14

Becoming a more confident young woman, is not an overnight thing. Like Simone you will have to work at it, make adjustments and sometimes not always get it right. However, setbacks do not mean you will never be a superstar person.

Mistakes help you to learn and improve. Improvement in turn helps you to move ahead and feel more confident and comfortable to do more. So the next time you’re not feeling very confident; remember Rome and Simone Biles wasn’t built in a day Girlfriend! Therefore, don’t be so hard on yourself; just keep working towards your goals, believe in yourself; and surround yourself with a good supportive team and group of friends. It’s team work that makes the dream work!

So then, with all of that being said… how in the world do you change the narrative? How do you help young women who may not even possess the resources or “know-how” to make a change? Simple… you teach and support! And Project Glimmer did that beautifully tonight; here’s a few highlights!

Project Glimmer An Empowered Future 10 Year Anniversary -What Went Down!


Project Glimmer An Empowered Future 4


The night began with a reminder of just how challenging 2020 has been for us all. From the outbreak of Covid 19; the whole globe coming together for social change, homeschooling and the U.S. elections. The year has been a nonstop roller coaster of emotions. Nevertheless, despite these occurrences, Project Glimmer has been continuing to keep the light shining bright for thousands of girls.

Sonja Hoel Perkins, the founder of Project Glimmer; kicked things off with a heart-warming speech. She spoke of her passion for being in the corner of young girls who are doing their best to thrive and survive in this tough world. How with the outset of the global pandemic she feared for the young girls she loves helping. How would she be able to continue her work when human contact plays a major part of Project Glimmer’s supportive philosophy?


Well, fortunately Perkins and her extraordinary team found a way! Thanks to use of technology Project Glimmer was able to continue its pursuit of touching and forever changing the lives of one million girls throughout the United States.

Perkins ended her speech by reminding viewers of an iconic quote by the late, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth once said, “Women belong in all places decisions are made.” Thus, emphasizing the intellect, influence and power that women should never forget that they possess.


Project Glimmer An Empowered Future


Sunny Hostin was another shining light during Project Glimmer’s one hour program. She quoted Harriet Tubman encouraging us all to reach for the stars and never stop dreaming. Not just dreaming for ourselves; but for others who can’t even dream.

That part… that part right there touched us. So many individuals go through SO MUCH trauma they can’t always see a better future for themselves. But we all can help such ones. How? By painting a clear picture for them so that they can see the dream.


Project Glimmer An Empowered Future


Singer Jewel also shared an amazing success story. Her own. Jewel revealed that at one point of her life she was homeless; but she overcome that challenge and became a multi-nominated Grammy artist! Proving that it doesn’t matter what hand of cards you’re given in life; it’s how you play them.

From Foster Care to Olympian-How Simone Biles Glimmers!

There is a final reason why Simone Biles was a perfect choice for the An Empowered  Future event. And Simone spoke about it during her stirring speech. As a youth, Biles was a foster child. Simone mentioned that growing up it meant so much for her to be told she could achieve great things; and have a positive role model in Gabby Douglas to look up to.

Young women still need those things today. To literally HEAR someone tell them, “You can do it.” Also, to be able to actually watch someone just like them pull off “the impossible.”


Project Glimmer An Empowered Future 9


There are success stories everywhere like Jewel, Simone and Sunny. And it’s such stories that help to inspire future generations to never give up; but push to the stars because the sky is not the limit.

Be Apart of the Glimmering Change!

So as one can see, it was a wonderful experience and event for amazing young women! Nevertheless, Project Glimmer doesn’t just try to make a difference once a year. All year long they work tirelessly to improve the lives of young girls throughout the United States. How?

Well, Project Glimmer is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring every girl to envision and realize an empowered future. Project Glimmer has served over half a million teenage girls and women, 86% of whom are young women of color. Project Glimmer works in all 50 states through partnerships with 1,000+ organizations including foster care, homeless, crisis care and youth services. Through their programs including Gifts+Goods, Day of Empowerment and Empower Hour, and Career Coaching they are thoroughly committed to helping end gender and racial inequality. Amazing!


Project Glimmer An Empowered Future


It was a real honor to be in attendance for this wonderful event this year. Something we will always remember and cherish. And it is so heartwarming to know there are people out there who want everyone to be treated with kindness and dignity.

Want to be apart of the change! Work along with Project Glimmer by making a donation; OR checking out Project Glimmer’s Empower Market which is open through October 29. Purchases will go towards continuing Project Glimmer’s programs. Shop for gorgeous staycations in Yosemite and Healdsburg and top beauty, home, and fashion brands including Autumn Adeigbo, Buxom, Collective Hearts, Ashley Morgan Designs, Caroline Pacula Prints, Michele Pred’s Vote Pure and more!