Prison Break Season 5 Makes Its Glorious Television Return!

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When Bae is back on TV and he breaking out of jail and that’s kind of okay because it’s Bae. For any other guy that would be enough of a reason to fly the coup and run for the hills. However, when it’s Michael Scofield, shoot… you make an exception! Ladies, get your popcorn, put your phones on vibrate and call the squad over. Prison Break Season 5 is starting and that means our childhood crush is back!

Prison Break Season 5 Makes Its Glorious Television Return

We belong together. Remember back in the day when Michael aka Wentworth Miller starred in Mariah Carey’s music video? That is when most of us first got a glimpse of his smoking hot self. In video Carey leaves her groom at the altar in order to live her days out with Miller. Heck, we totally understand Mariah, we would have became runaway brides too.

Flash forward not too long after that and Wentworth scores a role in the FOX network television series, Prison Break. The show instantly became a cult classic and killed in the ratings. Then the plug was pulled out on us all. The show came to an end… until now.

Prison Break Season 5

Prison Break is back in full effect with our beloved Michael Scofield and fave supporting characters. T-Bag, Lincoln and for all of you lovebirds, Sara are also all returning. However, do not get too comfy PB fans. The network is stating that this is only a nine episode event. Therefore, by summer Michael will be gone, again!

Nevertheless, want to wet your appetite for the show a little bit? Here is a behind-the-scenes look:

Prison Break Season 5 -Brotherly Love

With all the action as well as twists and turns you forget that the whole concept of show rests on an act of brotherly. We won’t go any deeper than that just in case you wish to go back and watch all the other seasons. Nevertheless, its that brother relationship on screen that really keeps the story moving. Dominic Purcell commented on this stating,

“Wentworth Miller, the most courageous and fearless person I have ever met. A man that shuns adulation and the glare of celebrity. A private man who has zero interest in affirmation of any kind.

People ask us constantly what’s the reason behind our on screen chemistry. It’s impossible to articulate but what I do know is, there is zero ego between us, never has been. We care for one another deeply; yes like brothers and simply want the best for one another.

Prison Break Season 5

He is like a brother to me and a dear friend that I would do anything for as he would me. Love ya mate. Thanks for this crazy…amazing journey we are experiencing together.”

Very well put Dominic, now let’s all enjoy a quick look back on the “brothers” throughout the years:

Talk about nostalgia right? Catch an all new episode tonight (April 4) on FOX at 9/8c.

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Prison Break Season 5