Primer Makeup- Can I Skip This Step to Save Some Time?

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Primer Makeup- Can I Skip This Step to Save Some Time

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When it comes to getting ready for school or work, sometimes time can be of the essence. We have one leg in our boot cut jeans, one arm hanging out of our crop top sweater and one free hand desperately applying layers of mascara. So then, as any busy girl can attest to, doing only what is truly necessary can really be the key to staying on top of a busy schedule. Therefore, when it comes to applying makeup, is primer makeup one of those things that can be skipped in order to save a few precious seconds? Girl, no! Allow us to answer this beauty question, by presenting some pretty compelling reasons why this vital step should never be ignored!

Primer Makeup- Can I Skip This Step to Save Some Time?

Primer Makeup- Can I Skip This Step to Save Some Time

Let’s just be clear about one thing, primer is utilized for more than just the reason you think it is formulated to be used for when applied. For instance, most know that primer makeup is an excellent product to help create a very smooth canvas for your make up. Think of it like building a house. You don’t just build a house on un-level ground and hope that it will last and hold up. No, you level everything out so that it’s nice and smooth and then you build upon that. Confident that not only the house can now be built correctly, but it will also last for a very long time.

That is thrust as well as one of the benefits of using a primer. You are giving your make up a smooth base to be built upon. Plus, you’re also giving your make up what it needs to last longer as well as stay put.

Primer Makeup- The Common But Majorly Overlooked Benefit

Primer Makeup- Can I Skip This Step to Save Some Time

Nevertheless, what is one of the other benefits of using primer make up that often gets overlooked? Here it is: it is great for your personal skincare routine. How so?

Primer has the ability to not only moisturize skin, but it can also create a protective barrier over the skin. The hydration part can be pretty self-explanatory due to the moisturizing ingredients found in most primers; however, you may be wondering just exactly how primer can provide protection?

Well, it accomplishes this by sealing in any skincare treatment products you may use during your daily skincare routine. This includes any moisturizer or sunscreen you may have previously applied, and yes us melanin girls need sunscreen too. However, more on that in our upcoming feature on the super cool product, Black Girl Sunscreen.

Primer Makeup- It Is Time to Choose, But How?

Primer Makeup- Can I Skip This Step to Save Some Time

Nonetheless, now that you know why primer make up is awesome for not only cosmetics but for skincare products, you need to know which ones will work best for you. The best way to pick the right one is to choose a primer that works for your own skin type. You may need to ask yourself: Is my skin dry? Does my skin tend to be oily? Or perhaps, can my skin use a little help in order to have a more even tone?

After a little self reflection about your skin, you are now ready to pick a primer makeup product. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

The Oily Skin Girl: Always look for a mattifying primer. These types of primers are your friend because it helps to keep any extra shine at bay. You may also choose to use a setting spray for even more shine control.

The Un-even Girl: Try using a color correcting primer to help even out your skintone. For instance, if you notice your skin includes redness from irritation look for a color correcting primer with green undertones. These types of primers can help to counteract any red in the skin.

The Dull Skin Girl: The best primer for you is an illuminating primer. This type of primer will help you to get your glow on thanks to reflective particles. No longer will your skin look dull and lifeless, but it will glisten with a slight sheen.

Primer Makeup- Don’t Waste It, How to Apply It The Right Way

Primer Makeup- Can I Skip This Step to Save Some Time

Okay so we have learned why it’s important to use primer makeup as well as how to pick the right one. Nevertheless, now it will be a good idea to learn how to apply it correctly in order to gain the most benefits.

Start off by applying primer to a sponge or your fingers. Next, dab the primer onto your nose, chin, forehead as well as cheeks. Begin at the center of your face working out to the edges. Also, be sure to blend the primer make up into your skin by going in a downward direction.

Why apply make up going down? This is so those little hairs on your face will lay down nice and pretty. This very technique can also be used when applying foundation.

So there you have it primer is great for makeup as well as skincare. There are many ways to skip or cheat when doing your makeup but this is not one of them. Plus, when used correctly a primer makeup product can help you achieve the makeup finish of your dreams!

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