PRELLA Cosmetics Date Night Palette -9 Shades For Sexiest Look Ever!

PRELLA Cosmetics Date Night Palette
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PRELLA Cosmetics Date Night Palette

Date night is a night to impress. Everything must be perfect from your outfit to your hair; and don’t even get us started about the face! Your face will most likely be the first thing noticed; so being beat to the GAWDS is a must! Beauty entrepreneur, Princess Love, is coming to the makeup rescue with the release of her PRELLA Cosmetics Date Night Palette. Get ready to stun!

PRELLA Cosmetics Date Night Palette -9 Shades For Sexiest Look Ever

There’s already a collection of lipsticks, eyelashes, Glow palette, lip glosses, eyebrow pencil and divine precision eyeliner. However, now Princess Love is entering the realm of the eyeshadow palette. Nevertheless, she is doing the business much justice by with her vibrant; yet demure selection of hue choices.

The Date Night Palette consists of nine shades that will look gorgeous on a wide range of skin tones. Furthermore, they are tones that are translatable. Meaning that as the seasons change you still find yourself being quite on trend.

For instance, in the palette there is a moody blue perfect for winter. Also, there are copper, gold and brown that are lovely in autumn months; since they reflect the changing of the color of the leaves. Lastly, there is a pinky purple and glittering champagne shade that will go effortlessly with looks in the spring months.

Or you can just throw the whole rule book away and wear whatever shades you want at anytime! This palette is beautiful and if this is Princess Love’s first attempt, then goodness, we can’t wait to see what else she develops. Get your Date Night Palette now at

PRELLA Cosmetics Date Night Palette

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