Point of View: Gold Chained Heels

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POV Gold Chained Heels

I’m really excited about P.O.V. aka Point of View, one of our new video series on the 1966 Magazine Youtube channel! Over the years, I have found myself becoming more and more addicted to heels. I love when you go out and people instantly notice and compliment on the pair of choice for the night. Shoes are all the way down at the bottom of an ensemble so for someone to notice the shoes most truly be making a statement.

With that being said, many will ask me what shoes I’m wearing or even say they are going to go cop themselves a pair. So for all of you who love a good heel as much as you do I hope you enjoy seeing my personal collection. Here is the first video showcasing my gold chain heels, probably one of the heels I wear the most. I love them because you can pair them with jeans, jumpsuits, dresses, the works and everything seems to instantly go up a few style notches. Whether you are aiming for classy or edgy these heels just seem to deliver.

Hope you like the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe! 🙂

-Arianne xoxoxo