Playoff Picture Becomes Clearer in NFL Week 15

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The New England Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos all clinched their divisions on Sunday ensuring a place in the playoffs. The Arizona Cardinals also clinched a Wild Card playoff spot with their win over the Saint Louis Rams on Thursday Night Football. Conversely, the hapless New York Jets have taken themselves out of contention for the number one overall pick in the next draft by winning against the snake-bitten Tennessee Titans. Speaking of the Titans, poor Jake Locker cannot stay healthy; he was taken out of the game when he re-injured his shoulder. There does not appear to be a bright future for him in the NFL.

I can’t stand the Dallas Cowboys, but I hated Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth even more as they called the Cowboys vs. Eagles game on Sunday Night Football. They praised Tony Romo to the high heavens because he didn’t throw any bone-head interceptions to give the game away, because he completed passes when the run game couldn’t get going, because he didn’t wilt under the pressure when the Eagles erased the 21-0 deficit and took a lead temporarily. I’m sorry but aren’t those the very tasks that quarterbacks are paid to do? Does he need to be praised for finally being able to do what the great quarterbacks always do? I think not! By the way, DeMarco Murray is not going to be worth a nickel after this season is over. Running backs that have carried the ball as many times as he has this season don’t fare well in the coming years. Anyone remember Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs?

The San Diego Chargers couldn’t close the deal against the Broncos despite Peyton Manning missing a little playing time and the Broncos having to kick five field goals. In their defense, the Chargers did lose their premier running back, but the great teams find a way to win despite setbacks like that. The Chargers are a good team but they aren’t where they want to be just yet. Maybe next year…

Green Bay Packers v Buffalo Bills

Aaron Rodgers finally came back to earth, as his Green Bay Packers lost to the Buffalo Bills. He turned in a very un-Aaron Rodgers like performance, throwing for 185 yards and two interceptions. The Bills defense harassed him all day which led to the upset win and allowed the Detroit Lions to take the top spot in the NFC North. I suspect that if Green Bay has to go on the road for the playoffs they will not fare well.

Johnny Manziel, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (deep breath) ha ha haha ha ha ha ha. But seriously, it’s a good thing the Browns switched from Brian Hoyer to Manziel, because apparently they wanted to ensure that they would have no chance of earning a playoff spot; mission accomplished.

Finally, did anyone stay awake through the Bears and Saints game on Monday Night Football? Jeez, two crappy teams playing sloppy on a cold, wet night in Chicago was about as riveting as watching paint dry. The Saints are now at the top of the garbage heap, uh, I mean the NFC South. If they win their last two games they will finish with a stellar record of 8-8, wow the other playoff contenders better watch out.  

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