Pixie Haircut Styles: Janelle Monae 2017 Oscars Style

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As the famous saying goes, “A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life.” The big snip can be quite the switch up as well as exhilarating. However, some ladies shy away from such an edgy hair look in fear that style options may become too limited. Nevertheless, this past Sunday, Janelle Monae proved that pixie haircut styles are not only gorgeous, but also versatile.

Pixie Haircut Styles: Janelle Monae 2017 Oscars Style

Janelle Monae just became the Queen of pixie haircut styles and we hope her reign never ends! Monae already had all eyes on her as she graced the 2017 Academy Awards red carpet. She effortlessly floated past all the flashing paperazzi lights in an exquisite gown by Elie Saab.

Janelle’s dazzling fashion was from the Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection which included beautiful, regal statement chokers. The Elie Saab show actually named, Impressions of NY, got its inspiration from of course the city of New York as well as nature, human streets as well as industry skyscraper heights. With fashion this luxurious it requires hairstyling that is just as high-end.

Monae’s chic cut fit the bill perfectly. The wispy styling gave great texture and by strands being somewhat “back” it allowed the focus to remain on her dress. Nevertheless, that does not mean her hair didn’t get any of the spotlight. We adored her voguish headband which brought her queening vibes altogether. Moreover, it added just enough drama to her cut without being overwhelming.

Plus, Janelle Monae’s hairstyle demonstrates how easy it is to add more pizzazz to shorter lengths. Think headbands or jewel encrusted hair pins or accessories. They’re not just for 5-year-olds dolls, so then use to change up your short hairstyles in a cinch.

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