Pink Screwdriver Set For Women DIY Enthusiasts

Little Pink Tool Kit’s stylish pink & black
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DIY home improvement is a fun hobby enjoyed by dads…usually. But why should men have all the fun? Women can be just as good when it come to fixing things around the house. By using a pink screwdriver set, women do not need to sacrifice their feminine style when working around tools. You can be fashionable using pink tool sets even when doing your home projects like DIY crafts, maintenance, repairs, wood work and more.

The pink screwdriver set boasts a charming pink color scheme, screaming ‘chic’, even if it is sold in hardware stores. These screwdrivers are certainly not for males, so you’re assured that your male buddies won’t be borrowing them soon. The set includesPink 135 piece household tool kit the following screwdriver types: 3.5 mm flat head screwdriver, 48 mm flat head screwdriver, PH0 head screwdriver and PH1 head screwdriver. It also has screwdrivers with flat heads, star tips, Phillips heads and hex keys.

Tools make life easier at home. There are many things you can fix without the need to hire a repairman. The screwdriver set is the perfect tool for quick fixes, minor and major home projects. The kit is small enough to carry around, so you can use them whenever and wherever you need to. If you don’t have a screwdriver set of your own, now is the time to take the plunge. Or, you can give a hint to your loved ones that this is what you want for your birthday. It’s about time to take matters into your own hands and fix those little pesky problems around your place!

There are several online web sites that sell screwdriver and power tool sets in pink. The most popular sites are Amazon and eBay, but if you prefer a wider selection of tools and equipment, you can check out Tomboy Tools, Safety Girl, Little Pink Tools and Ladies Tools Online. These web sites specialize in selling tools specifically for women.

The pink screwdriver set supports breast cancer awareness so proceeds goes to the organization. Not only do you look pretty, but you’re also helping the breast cancer awareness initiative.

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