Pin Curls- The Most Easy Way to Do Them!

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Old Hollywood glamour always seems to come back into vogue. Maybe it’s Tinseltown’s former dramatic essence, the glitzy flair or subtle yet oozing sex appeal. Regardless of what made it so alluring one thing is for sure… the style of retro Hollywood is still just as captivating today! From fashion to hair, vintage looks such as pin curls can still turn a head or two.

Recreating a old Hollywood hairstyle like pin curls from back in the day does not need to be a stressful hair dilemma. Actually pin curls are quite simple! Moreover, they can be created even without the use of heat making it an awesome styling option that won’t cause damage to strands. Big tip: be sure to add Obsessed Hair Oil to your pin curls for a sleek, sexy look!

Another benefit is that not many hair tools are needed in order to make pin curls either. All you really need is a good set of hair or bobby pins. You will use those to secure selected strands during the design process. So then, want to know how to pin curl your own hair? Check out the video!

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