People's Choice Awards 2014: Jennifer Hudson Receives Favorite Humanitarian Award

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Jennifer Hudson is known the world over for her talents that have included emotionally charged as well as Oscar award-winning performances. However, now the powerhouse singer/actress is being recognized for her passion and desire to help those who are in need. At the 2014 People’s Choice Awards Hudson was honored with “Favorite Humanitarian” and this year’s endowment couldn’t be more fitting.

Jennifer made headlines just this past Christmas, thanks to her generous gift giving spirit. It was reported that she purchased her long-time friend/assistant a brand new home. Nevertheless, it is clear through her actions that Hudson cares for those apart of her inner circle as well as those who can be reached through the efforts of her big heart.

After the tragic murder of her nephew, Jennifer and her sister, Julia started the Julian D. King Foundation geared toward helping youths build positive futures.  The foundation works towards bettering the future of communities by providing positive experiences for boys and girls of all backgrounds. Hudson is very deserving of the “Favorite Humanitarian” award and we thank her for her tireless efforts to shape confident and influential leaders of tomorrow.