Peony- On Trend Skincare Ingredient Spotlight

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There’s a new botanical ingredient having a major moment this fall– peony.
With brands like Fresh and Tatcha jumping on the peony train, it’s no wonder why this traditional Chinese herb is so special! Peony helps to ease and also treat inflammation; is full of antioxidants, and helps brighten the complexion.

Moreover, a Peony is so much more than just a gorgeous, fragrant flower. All parts of it can be utilized to protect and rejuvenate skin. For instance, Peonies activates the natural defense mechanisms of the skin. This helps in tonifying and firming the epidermis.

Additionally, The extract of the petals have a regenerative; softening, moisturizing, firming, anti-inflammation effect. Also, moving on down, the benefits only continue. The roots of peonies contain the chemical compound paeoniflorin which has strong anti-oxidant properties.

Peony- On Trend Skincare Ingredient Spotlight

Great results. All from a natural solution. What’s even better is that now this powerful ingredient is being harnessed to help women of color.

AVYA Skincare, created for those with darker skin tones in mind; uses peony throughout their line. It’s used to help combat issues like: hyper-pigementation, acne; and dark spots in effort to stabilize melanin for your skin’s healthiest glow.

In addition, AVYA created a proprietary blend of peony-essential oil to provide aromatherapy. The oil boosts cognitive function, and induces relaxation when working products into the skin whether in the AM or PM. A total skincare win!

Add It To Your Beauty Bags!

Nonetheless, want to experience the power of peonies for yourself? Now you can! Below check out our favorite peony blend AVYA products that are available for purchase right now. Purchase yours by ordering from

#1 AVYA Gentle Facial Cleanser $40


#2 AVYA Anti-Aging Power Serum w/ Vitamin C $110


#3 AVYA Eye Bright Cream $75

BONUS: Travel a lot? Or would you also like smaller sizes for your purse, school or work? No problem! The serum and eye cream can also be found in AVYA’s new Travel Set! Therefore, get yours for $55.