Peach and Lily Skin Shield Blurring Primer -Fend Off Damage Plus Calm and Soothe!

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Peach and Lily Skin Shield Blurring Primer;


Primers that only provide a smooth base for you to build your makeup look on is so 10 years ago! Now primers better come correct by not just MAKING it look perfect and smooth; but actually NOURISH it. Enter Peach and Lily Skin Shield Blurring Primer; a $34 product that promises to blur skin to perfection, protect and help your makeup last longer!


Peach and Lily Skin Shield Blurring Primer;


How is all of that possible? Well, Peach and Dilly has put a lot of good things for your skin into this product. Just a few ingredients include:

  • Bamboo Stem Extract: Has that velvety, voluminous, silicone feeling without ever pilling or feeling like a film. While also strengthening the skin barrier.
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract: Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and flavnoids that helps skin look more radiant and less discolored.
  • Burdoc Root Extract: Known for helping to treat signs of eczema, psoriasis, acne, basically helps quell inflammation.
  • VoluSmooth is then infused with Camu Camu to provide loads of vitamin C in a gentle  format, ceramides to fortify the skin barrier, cica to calm, and aloe to soothe and refresh.

Peach and Lily Skin Shield Blurring Primer -Fend Off Damage Plus Calm and Soothe



What’s the big hoopla with this product? Well, we got TONS of intel! Regarding their Skin Shield Blurring Primer Peach and Lily reveals,

“Meet the Skin Shield Burning Primer! Consider this plant based primer your skin’s new bodyguard. Skin Shield, powered by a first of its kind ingredient, VoluSmooth; leaves you with a smooth; blurred, cushiony finish (without a drop of silione!) — while also fending off damage from daily stressors.

Damage from pollution, stress, and even excessive phone time can look a lot like sun damage. SPF filters out harmful UV rays. But other daily stressors are left unblocked to wreak havoc on our skin.



Skin Shield does double duty! Fends off visible signs of damage from daily stressors that we often forget about other than the sun’s rays. And primes skin for smooth (blurred pores and texture!); long lasting makeup or for a bare faced smooth look. This is possible through VoluSmooth –a 100% plant based silicone alternative that’s made up of just three ingredients.

Wear two ways: after your SPF; and right before apply makeup. To grip makeup, smooth texture and create longer lasting wear. Or wear bare faced after SPF for a stunning, smooth natural finish.

Bonus: wear before using protective face masks to help prevent maskne. Either way you wear it (with makeup or without makeup); now you can face your day head on; 100% worry free.”



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