Pay Your Tuition or Even Rent With a Gucci Bag

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Pay Your Tuition or Even Rent With a Gucci Bag2

We are sure by that title instantly you are thinking, come on 1966 that sounds way too good to be true. However, we are here to let you in on a little secret that is allowing women to turn fashion into hard cold cash. How are these fashionistas making an extra buck or two? We will give it to you straight… they have entered the world known as Pawn My Gucci Purse. What in the world does that entail?

Well, handbags made by Gucci have always fetched a nice price namely because the Italian brand is in very high demand. As Instagram models and Tumblr stars grow in popularity so does the desire to have their designer duds. Like editorial models these ladies help influence the trends that all girls want not now, but RIGHT now.

Pay Your Tuition or Even Rent With a Gucci Bag

Nicki Minaj Spotted With Gucci Classics “Jockey” Large Hobo Bag

Every picture these dolls take are an easy marketing campaign for the brand or label that gave it to them. Think about how often you have scrolled the comment section seeing various girls asking where they can get a particular fashion item. Product placement is pushing sales which is why social media is becoming a bigger marketing beast.

Therefore, what does all of this mean for gals who have a Gucci purse laying around at home? Well, it is very good news because this means the market is very much in your favor. Pawn shops want what you possess and they want it bad because they know it is an easy sale. They know girls want these designer bags and if they can get their hands on them then it is lights out, cha-ching all the way to the bank.

Pay Your Tuition or Even Rent With a Gucci Bag3

Throwback: Rihanna Slinging Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag

Just how much can you receive from pawning off a Gucci handbag? According to statistics, depending on the bag that you have in your possession you can receive anywhere from $50 to upwards of $5,000! Instant money that you can use to pay bills, tuition, rent, airline ticket, go towards your savings (highly recommended by us LOL) or hey a brand new outfit! Whatever is your bag baby (all puns intended) you can make some side money quick by pawning off your purse.

Want more details on how all this works? We thought you might have a few more questions, so be sure to scroll back up and click the link in the opening paragraph.

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Pay Your Tuition or Even Rent With a Gucci Bag4