Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara -Lashes That DEFY Gravity INSTANTLY!

Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara
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Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara


Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara will take your lashes from barely there, to OMG look at those babies! Your lashes will immediately see a difference in not only length, but LIFT. Forget your falsies and pick up some Dark Star Mascara!



DID YOU KNOW? Supermodel Naomi Campbell is the face of Pat McGrath Labs and she stars in the official ad campaign for the new Dark Star Mascara! The campaign also stars Damian Hurley.

Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara -Lashes That DEFY Gravity INSTANTLY



So why can Dark Star give you immediate INSANE lash makeover? It’s all the in formula love. Here are some quick points about it. Dark Star has a:

  • Gel Hybrid Formula -Which helps this product to glide on evenly while adding texture with effortless control
  • Flexible Polymers- These offer control, structure as well as shape without the weight
  • Micro-Fine Cream Pigments -Helps build luxurious volume

Pretty cool right? Well the cosmetics brand had a few more things to add. Regarding the mascara they reveal,

“Hello, instant lashes! Get ready to elevate your artistry and your lashes. With the lethally luxurious length, antigravity lift and volumptuous volume of New Dark Star Mascara!

Seeing is believing. From before to after (and root to tip); New Dark Star Mascara lifts and lengthens lashes in an instant. Saturating each individual lash in the most intense black pigment for unprecedented fullness and maximum volume.


                                            Before Using Dark Star Mascara



Pat McGrath Dark Star Mascara

                                               After Using Dark Star Mascara


The new mascara from Pat McGrath Labs that teleports lashes to a brave, bold, big new galaxy of glamour in a single warp speed swipe. Prepare to be shook by major mascara mayhem. Lashes so long, lush and lifted they are lethal.”

Want to give your lashes the Dark Star treatment? Mother’s newest mascara is available for purchase beginning on July 14th. Get yours at Each one currently retails for $30.



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