Pantene Gold Series -Haircare Collection Created By Black Scientists!

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Pantene Gold Series

We have more power than we think ladies. Black women spend an estimated $7.5 billion on products from the beauty sector. What’s more is that that stat is not from the past 10 or 5 years. That’s how much we spend annually. Yet, with that much buying power we are still largely ignored by major companies when it comes to the development of specialized as well as personalized products for us. Nevertheless, hair giant Pantene Pro V is stepping up to provide hair products that are not only “for us, but by us.” Have you heard about the Pantene Gold Series?

Pantene Gold Series -Why Necessary

Before the natural hair movement really took off you didn’t see too many hair products on the market for black girls. Just the same old, same old stuff. Pomades, hot combs, gels, extensions, curlers, flat irons, wigs or perm. However, products to actually nourish, cleanse, condition and grow your own hair seemed like a princess fairytale.

However, during this time one company took on creating a hair system for black hair consumers. Pantene Pro V released their Relaxed and Natural For Women of Color collection and it busted out on the scene with a bang! Think about it, this was before Mixed Chicks and Carol’s Daughter, so it was seriously a big deal. Pantene’s huge reveal showcased products that worked well with our gorgeous textures and hair types. Since then, they have continued to design products aimed towards ladies who wish to rock and work with their own strands.

Pantene Gold Series

As a result, Pantene Pro V also later released their Truly Natural line. Thus, giving us girls a larger array of products to choose from and enjoy. Both collections (Relaxed & Natural/Truly Natural) were designed with oil-enriched formulas to not only moisturize but defend and protect each strand. Black tresses tend to be drier so we do need products that are hydrating and chock full of nutrients. However, this element is often missing from products rendering them useless for black buyers.

Pantene Gold Series – The Science

As they say, if you want to know how someone feels, you need to walk a mile in their shoes. The best people qualified to develop amazing hair products for black people would be other black people. We live with our hair daily and know what happens when climates change or how even water effects our strands.

Out of all the plethora of lovely races, our hair is by far the most different. Therefore, we can’t use the same products as everyone else and expect the same results. Which is why we are happy that Pantene Pro V humbly accepts this fact and hired an extensive team of black scientists to advance black haircare further. So then, what can you expect from the new line?

Pantene Gold Series

Regarding the Pantene Gold Series, the brand states it, “Celebrates the beautiful strength of African American hair. All strong hair is beautiful! Pantene’s NEW Gold Series Collection is designed to give strength and moisture to African American hair.” Well, that is definitely black haircare music to our ears!

Pantene Gold Series – Meet the Scientists

We always like when we can put a face to a name. Pantene is not hiding the hardworking scientists who played a major role in bringing this collection to the masses. Check them out below!

Pantene Gold Series

Ian Henry, Ph.D.

Pantene Gold Series

Jeanette A. Richards, Ph.D.

Pantene Gold Series

LaShaunda King-Michel, Ph.D.

Pantene Gold Series

Rukeyser Thompson Ph.D.

Pantene Gold Series

Rolanda J. Wilkerson, Ph.D.

This amazing team took their work very seriously and feel that they have helped to create a line that will be truly beneficial to black hair. Part of their motivation for working on such a collection stemmed from their very own passions for healthy hair.

The Campaign

The adverts for the Pantene Gold Series is simply divine. Stunning visuals of natural texture hairstyles as well as straightened hair looks are peppered throughout. Since black women enjoy wearing their tresses in a wide array of styles it is nice to see such variation. Moreover, it proves that regardless how you choose to wear your strands Pantene Pro V is confident its collection will work for you.

Let’s talk products real quick. Of course, you will find a lavishing shampoo to get your hair so fresh and so clean clean. However, something we also appreciate is the Deep Hydrating Co-Wash product! Perfect for cleansing and conditioning natural hair. For years, most of us have been utilizing straight up hair conditioner to accomplish this. So having a dedicated product for this process is a very nice touch.

The series also includes a Hydrating Butter Cream that came be used to tame frizz and soften your strands. Moreover, if you love your leave-ins as much as we do then you have to pick up the Leave-On Conditioning Milk. This product has a cool duo purpose. It works to prep and add strength to your hair before you engage in any styling. It accomplishes this by softening and de-tangling strands. Therefore, hairstyling will be much easier on your curls and you can avoid breakage while increasing hair growth by keeping those dreaded tangles at bay.


Pantene Gold Series

Even though the line is extremely new reviews are already popping up everywhere. From Twitter to Youtube black girls are making it clear that this new collection of products is a go. Here’s two of the many reviews that we enjoyed reading and found useful:

“I just tried this product line yesterday and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I saw it in Walmart and decided to give it a try. It left my hair feeling SO soft and moisturized. The products have a lot of slip and the smell is AMAZING! What I always expect from Pantene. Even the next day, my hair still smells incredible. I used the conditioner as a styling product and it worked great. I was able to use it with my gel without creating residue. Lots of volume, day one! This is the product line that I have always wanted. Thank you for creating it. I give it 5 stars and this is definitely my new hair care staple. I have the Co Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner and I can’t wait to try all of the products in the this series!”

Pantene Gold Series

“I tried the moisture boost conditioner a few days ago and LOVED IT!!! I have protective style in now, but can’t wait to try the full line!”

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Pantene Gold Series