Outdoor Movie Night: Bring The “Big Screen” To Your Backyard

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Now that it’s summer, there’s usually not much on television. While some networks have tried to change their summer programming, many of us still tend to look to other avenues of entertainment.

Movie rentals flourish during the warm season and gives us the opportunity to catch up on the movies we missed during the school year and winter activities of academia. Large movie venues offer us the first run summer block-busters we all crave and for variety, a number of drive-ins around the country have started to make a come-back.

However, what other options do we have?

Outside movies

Outdoor movie nights in your own backyard can be a way to watch a great movie while enjoying the great outdoors. The best part is, it’s close to home.

Sort of like a drive in at home without wasting gas, wading through crowds and lines which is the attraction of movie rentals. So, how do you go about making your backyard your own private movie house? Well, you have a couple of options to consider. Click here to get started.